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How to Write with Localization in Mind

As a localization company, we understand how important it is to deliver great work to our clients. And as those in the industry know only too well, one of the biggest challenges in producing quality work is the caliber of the source content we have to work with. Give your linguists unclear text that’s full of jargon or lacking context, and they’ll[…]


The Latest in Machine Translation Tech

The boom in machine translation (MT) is continuing, with the market predicted to exceed $1.5 billion by 2024. With global companies looking to provide more personal, localized experiences for customers at higher volumes, improvements in AI and technology mean they are increasingly turning to MT for cost-effective translations. And with key players[…]


Machine Translation and the Scale of Emotional Weight

You’ve heard of machine translation (MT) and the benefits it can bring in terms of faster turnaround and lower cost. But an important thing to note is that it is not suitable for translating all types of content. So, is it suitable for yours?


The Latest Tech for Language Learning

If you are of a certain age, the suggestion of learning a new language results in a deluge of off-putting childhood memories that involve repeating phrases from a dog-eared textbook under the merciless gaze of your teacher. But things have evolved. Better technology, improved learning methods and more personalized experiences mean that acquiring a[…]


11 Tips for Effective E-learning Localization

E-learning is quickly becoming the training method of choice for global organizations. In 2017, four out of five US corporations were using online learning, and by 2025, the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion.


Understanding the Brazilian Consumer

After its worst recession on record, Brazil is beginning to bounce back. You might have noticed in the last two years, despite its rocky economy, that this developing country’s ecommerce market and mobile infrastructure are growing pretty much as steadily as any other. Your business certainly doesn’t want to dismiss the opportunity to be a part of[…]


How to Write for Your Audience and for SEO at the Same Time

A few years ago, content experts talked about “writing for search engines” as if it were a skill that was a million miles away from writing for a human audience. The result was often a badly written website with pages filled with keywords shoe-horned into sentences with no regard for the sense or fluency of the piece (called keyword stuffing by[…]


Join us in Supporting Translators without Borders this Holiday Season!

This holiday season, we wish you joy, peace and love. It’s easy to get caught up in the abundance of the holidays, yet not everyone worldwide gets to experience it. Reports of violence, illness and poverty leave us all wondering what we can do.


Four Questions to Guide Your Localization Technology Strategy

“What technologies do I need to power my localization program?”


Five Things to Consider When Your Event Requires Interpretation

If you’re serious about your international event going well, booking and planning interpretation services should not just be a matter of hiring the first online search result you get. To start, using people who lack the right experience or skills could risk ruining your attendees’ experience, undermining the event’s objectives or damaging your[…]

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