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Artificial Intelligence and Standardization: Notes from the Field

Since we published our blog post Why You Should Pay Attention to SC 42, the Global Standards Committee on Artificial Intelligence, the landscape has evolved. And because we believe that the initiative is important and relevant to the entire globalization ecosystem, we’d like to give you a brief update from “the field,” courtesy of standardization[…]


Tracking Data to Prove ROI [Podcast]

Many localization managers are responsible for deciding what languages to add to their localization program. They know that they must present evidence so that managers will agree to invest. The question becomes: how do you find and present this data?


What Does All This Blockchain Hype Have to Do with Localization?

Some call it “the truth machine.” Others prefer “the Web 3.0.” But when we hear “blockchain,” most of us think of Bitcoin, for which the technology was originally invented in 2008.


Eight of the Most Bizarre Machine Translation Fails of 2018

Remember when, earlier this year, a Google Translate glitch began rendering gibberish into an ominous doomsday prophecy? 


Mapping Social Media Content to the Buyer’s Journey

Whether customers are buying fashion or technology products from online retailers or booking their next overseas trip, there are several steps between their initial realization that they may need or wish to buy something and the actual transaction when they commit to handing over their money. This “journey” typically involves researching and[…]


How Top Companies Navigate the Digital Transformation

“Digital is the main reason that just over half of the companies of the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000.” — Pierre Nanterme, Chairman and CEO of Accenture, 2016. Ouch.


Post Editing of the Future: An Interview with Félix do Carmo

Not long ago, machine translation post-editing (MT PE) was a peripheral activity, reserved for enterprises with a penchant for pioneering whose project requirements were conducive to a “just right” mix of quality, cost and speed. Often, the economics of post-editing—the need to recruit, train and pay translators to correct machine output—shifted[…]


Insights from the 2018 Annual TAUS Conferences

The Translation Automation User Society (TAUS), now in its 14th year, is a forum for localization thought leaders to meet and discuss trends, news, technical challenges and opportunities in the industry. This year, Katka Gasova (our Linguistic Services Director) and I (VP of Partnership and Custom Solutions) attended the TAUS Annual Conference in[…]


Introducing the RWS Moravia Go Global Model

It's tough to drive successful expansion into new markets unless you look at the big picture—all the activities that must be completed in order to be truly global. Sure, your company must localize. That’s a given. But it’s not enough.


A Big Brand's Small Start to a Successful Localization Program [Podcast]

Building and running a localization program can be interesting, dynamic and rewarding—but it can be daunting, too. But it’s especially challenging when you are a team of one. In this episode of Globally Speaking, hosts Michael Stevens and Renato Beninatto invited Oleksandr Pysaryuk, the (only) Localization Manager at Achievers, to speak about his[…]

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