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Here Are Our Favorite Holidays Celebrating Languages

Language should be celebrated. We’re not just saying that because it’s our job, but because what we say and write is the glue that holds the world together. Because they are so critical to culture and to the condition of being human, languages are recognized at national and international levels through various days of celebration around the world.[…]


Crowd Translation: A Beginner's Guide

As more companies recognize localization as a fundamental ingredient to reaching customers around the globe, the need for translation has risen dramatically.


Seven Myths About Language Learning

Sixty percent of the world is fluent in at least two languages. But in the US, it’s less than 20%. Why is that the case?


Six Tips for Getting Started with International SEO

When you optimize your website for search, you maximize the likelihood of the right people finding the right stuff (your stuff) at the right time—no matter where they are in the world.


Translators Versus Interpreters, Explained

Interpreters and translators are both vital to the provision of language services to the global community. While it’s true that interpretation and translation both involve processing one language into another, in many respects that is where the similarity ends. The skill-sets are almost completely different for each profession, and preparation and[…]


Five Localization Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

When you’re in a high-growth business that operates globally—or one that’s getting ready to go global—sometimes you have to act before you’ve had time to put together a foolproof localization strategy. Localization happens when the need arises: when a new market or product launch demands it, for example. You have to move fast. Refinement and[…]


Six Tips to Make Sure You Get the Right Localization Provider

If you’re procuring localization services on behalf of a large company, chances are you’re looking for a language service provider (LSP) capable of the volumes, languages and timescales that inevitably come with the territory.


How to Find the Right Writers for Your Project

You are a world-class marketing organization and you need to create a lot of new product-related content to very tight deadlines. You know you’ll need a small army of freelance writers who can take on the work and deliver great quality at a quick speed. How do you go about finding this team, and what should you look for as you source the[…]


What Advances in MT Could Mean for the Fuzzy Match

Imagine translating a story about a dog. You’re working in a translation management system on a source sentence: "The black dog was almost hit while running across the street." Now suppose your translation memory (TM) has a stored translation for: "The brown dog was hit while running across the street." Which is what is called a fuzzy match. Close[…]


How to Measure the Quality of Your Content

If you’re a global enterprise, it’s likely that you invest thousands or even millions in creating content to promote your brand and products. Choosing the right words is an important part of communicating your message and values, as well as letting your customers know about your latest products and services. If you engage a team of writers to[…]

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