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What You Need to Know About Onsite Interpretation

With the rise of globalization, people in different parts of the world have become more connected than ever before. Organizations, and therefore their meetings and conferences, are increasingly more diverse in terms of attendees. Think about the proceedings of the UN, where dozens of nationalities (and languages) may be represented. It all leads[…]


Nine Ways to Simplify E-learning Localization

Whether you’re a student or in the working world, you have probably taken a class online. And more and more people will in the future: the global e-learning market is set to hit $325 billion in the next five years, with close to 80% of businesses in the US using online learning.


Hand-washing Around the World

The rapid spread of coronavirus is increasingly affecting our everyday lives. One of the most important steps we can all take to prevent infection is to regularly wash our hands. Governments, schools and global health organizations have invested a lot of effort in finding ways to communicate the importance of thorough hand-washing. Alongside the[…]


What Marketers Often Underestimate About US Hispanic Consumers

On the official list of 21 sovereign nations and dependent territories that speak Spanish as their first language, the US does not appear. But we think it should.


How International Women’s Day Is Celebrated Worldwide

Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world.


Here’s Why You Need to Localize Internal HR Documents

The performance of people in your international offices is dependent on just how well they understand your organizational objectives and use their local knowledge to succeed in their own territory.


How to Write with Localization in Mind

As a localization company, we understand how important it is to deliver great work to our clients. And as those in the industry know only too well, one of the biggest challenges in producing quality work is the caliber of the source content we have to work with. Give your linguists unclear text that’s full of jargon or lacking context, and they’ll[…]


The Latest in Machine Translation Tech

The boom in machine translation (MT) is continuing, with the market predicted to exceed $1.5 billion by 2024. With global companies looking to provide more personal, localized experiences for customers at higher volumes, improvements in AI and technology mean they are increasingly turning to MT for cost-effective translations. And with key players[…]


Machine Translation and the Scale of Emotional Weight

You’ve heard of machine translation (MT) and the benefits it can bring in terms of faster turnaround and lower cost. But an important thing to note is that it is not suitable for translating all types of content. So, is it suitable for yours?


The Latest Tech for Language Learning

If you are of a certain age, the suggestion of learning a new language results in a deluge of off-putting childhood memories that involve repeating phrases from a dog-eared textbook under the merciless gaze of your teacher. But things have evolved. Better technology, improved learning methods and more personalized experiences mean that acquiring a[…]

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