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A Five-step Plan to Keep Content Current

You work hard to create content that will be useful to your global customers and help them make decisions about your products and services. But it’s not a one-time deal: it’s highly likely that your first pieces of content will include information that changes over time. However diligent the research at the time of writing to ensure that the[…]


Why Linguistic Quality Assurance Is a Layer, Not a Step

As brands embrace new, more agile ways of getting their products to international markets, linear processes are being disrupted. Language quality assurance (LQA) is no different. To get it right, forward-thinking companies have begun to incorporate quality as a layer, instead of a step, in their globalization processes.


Nine Pitfalls of English-Arabic Translation

Arabic is the fifth largest language spoken in the world and one of the fastest growing in the US. But it’s consistently ranked as one of the hardest languages to learn, and to localize. Whether you need to translate content from English to Arabic or vice versa, it’s important to understand the dynamics of this complicated match-up to resource for[…]


Practical Uses for AI Beyond Machine Translation

How artificial intelligence is shaping the localization industry is a subject we approach from many different angles. Generally, though, we’ve found that those interested in AI tend to fall into three camps: those who are suspicious and fearful of it (Will AI replace humans?), those who directly develop the technology (How can we improve AI?) and[…]


Bon Voyage with RWS Moravia's Top International Travel Tips

RWS Moravians are frequent flyers. Many of us travel extensively to attend conferences, visit clients and work with colleagues at our offices worldwide (9 of them!). Each year, RWS Moravia is also an  exhibitor, speaker or attendee at over 20 worldwide events from organizations like TAUS, ATMA, LocWorld and GALA. We love interacting with people[…]


The State of Natural Language Generation in Content Creation

Using Natural Language Generation (NLG) tools to create content has been getting quite a bit of buzz in the past few years. (NLG is a subset of the general discipline of artificial intelligence.) The first content creation engines struggled with relatively basic writing tasks, producing content that was robotic in every sense. Many of these[…]


Beyond Translation: How to Conquer the Global Marketing Multiverse

Most of us would say we exist in a single dimension known as the universe. But what about the idea of a multiverse? Do you believe in the existence of infinite parallel universes, each governed by their own laws of nature?


Revving up the Right MT Engine for Your Program

In a recent blog post, we ran through what it takes to execute a machine translation program, from assessing what content works best for MT to deploying an MT engine. But choosing the right engine for your projects is a part of the process that merits more detailed discussions. Considering the many choices available on the market—dozens at last[…]


Interview with a Polyglot

Localization professionals tend to be the sort of people you’d call ‘globally minded’: we’re a multicultural melting pot; many of us love travel; a lot of us study languages. We are proud to be citizens of the world.


How to Market to Generation Z Across Cultures

Let’s talk about Generation Z, also known as Post-Millennials, the iGeneration or the more homogeneous “world’s first global generation.”

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