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The Latest Localization Technology Advancements

As the localization industry adapts to global challenges and changes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of exciting new technologies and the publication of important research findings continue unabated. Join us for a brief look into some of the most important recent developments.


Everything You Need to Know About Machine Translation for Sign Language

Most of us have not heard of machine translation for sign language, but it’s an exciting technological development that helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing communicate with the hearing world, most of which does not know sign language. Machine translation systems for sign-language can do this by automatically converting signs into text or[…]


RWS Moravians’ New Normal Under COVID-19

Global citizens have quickly adapted their lives in order to maintain social distance and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. In turn, RWS Moravians around the world have made changes large and small. In this blog post, our colleagues reflect on how their lives and work are different now and share their thoughts for the future.


Top Ten Translation Myths

In today’s digital society, information, both true and false, spreads like wildfire, so it can be difficult to get correct, factual content. The same rings true for the localization and translation industry, which is largely misunderstood by anyone not involved with it. So, we thought it would be helpful to debunk the top ten translation myths[…]


Doing Business in Australia: A Case for English-English Translation

Australia represents one of the largest markets in the world, currently in 13th place with a GDP of $1.13 trillion (USD). Enjoying a booming economy, with 24 million inhabitants who enjoy the second-highest median wealth per adult in the world, Australia can offer immense opportunity for businesses seeking to expand.


RWS Moravians’ Stories of COVID-19 Adaptation

By now, your life has probably changed because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and it’s no different for us RWS Moravians. In this blog post, our colleagues describe their ‘new normal’ and reflect on how their lives and work are different during this challenging time.


A Peek into Global Enterprise Localization Strategies

Localization—the process of adapting a product or service for another market—is on the minds of many enterprises who are looking to expand globally. And selling products in multiple markets requires a well-defined localization strategy. Companies need to research and execute on all aspects of going global, including but certainly not limited to,[…]


Computer-Aided Interpretation: The Latest Tools for Interpreters

Computer-aided interpretation is changing the way interpreters work.


Your life has surely changed because of the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s no different for us RWS Moravians. In this blog post, our colleagues share how our lives and work have been altered during this challenging time.


What You Need to Know About Onsite Interpretation

With the rise of globalization, people in different parts of the world have become more connected than ever before. Organizations, and therefore their meetings and conferences, are increasingly more diverse in terms of attendees. Think about the proceedings of the UN, where dozens of nationalities (and languages) may be represented. It all leads[…]

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