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How to Handle Translation at Scale

Not long ago, we had a client approach us with a problem: they needed localization at large scale with a very fast turnaround time.


How Localization Buyers Will Benefit in The Age of Distributed Trust

There has been much talk about how AI and ML could be the end of the translator, yet few seem to be asking whether "distributed trust" is the end of the global enterprise's need for a Language Service Provider (LSP).


If you’re ever involved in your organization making technology choices around a critical business need, you may find yourself at a fork with several different paths. Do you buy software, build something yourself, hire someone else to build something custom for you or do a combination of all the above?


Interview with an Expert: How Do You Measure MT?

Evaluating the quality of machine translation is crucial to improving its output. But what are the best metrics of MT quality and what purposes do they serve?


The 101 on Localization, Globalization and Internationalization

What does “going global” mean to you? For many companies, it seems sensible to start by simply translating their products and services into additional languages—that is, until they learn more about their target markets.


Six Reasons Why You Should Centralize Your Localization Program

If you are a global company, it's entirely possible that you are using any number of localization service providers—sometimes without even realizing it. Depending on what needs localizing, you could have several business functions across multiple territories all with their own suppliers, with jobs done on an ad hoc basis and no coordination in[…]


Why Style Guides Matter

Most companies have a team of writers who are responsible for all of their marketing content, including their website, social media, ads and other customer-facing materials. As a result, each writer may have different styles and preferences, which can make your brand messaging inconsistent. Your writers may need to be kept on a leash[…]


When (and When Not) to Localize into Neutral Spanish

Spanish is often one of the first languages global companies target for localization. And no wonder—the Spanish-speaking world is an economic powerhouse with 480 million native speakers and a thriving online population of more than 330 million.


A Buyer's Guide to Choosing a Future-proof TMS

For companies well on their way up the localization maturity ladder, it’s easy to justify investing in a translation management system (TMS) to streamline complex workflows. The hard part is navigating the vast array of TMS solutions available—an amount now nearing 100—and all their bells and whistles.


How Tech Is Transforming the Linguistic Quality Process

Technology now forms the backbone of every modern business and its processes—and in our case, its partners’ localization processes. Let’s take language quality assurance (LQA) technology as one example. Every client wants their global content cheap, fast and of a high quality—but we wouldn’t have been able to tick all three boxes without the[…]

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