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Our Six-Step Process on How to Deploy an MT Program

If you’ve been tuned in to localization technology for the past several decades, you’ve heard about the “revolution” in machine translation (MT). Some industry pundits will tell you that MT can translate anything—fast and for cheap. Others say jobs are in jeopardy because MT’s capabilities have reached parity with human translators.


Looking Back and Looking Forward: Globally Speaking Podcast

Globally Speaking is a podcast for localization professionals hosted by localization professionals. The hosts, Michael Stevens and Renato Beninatto, have casual conversations around things they’re passionate about, such as proving the ROI of localization, saving endangered languages and technology such as neural MT. Their guests are prominent[…]


Max Troyer at MIIS: Training the Localizers of the Future

As they look to foreign markets to drive revenues, global enterprises are building up their localization programs. These departments are big—nearly 60% of the revenue of international companies comes from foreign markets—yet universities have been slow to build programs to train people to work in the localization industry. Max Troyer, Program[…]


Happy Holidays! Together We Can Support Translators Without Borders

RWS Moravia believes that our global organization can play a big role in supporting the world community, and one way we do that is through donations to support global non-profits.


What’s in Store for the Translation Industry in 2019? [Podcast]

It’s that time again, when we’re wrapping up the past year and looking forward to what the new year will bring. The same goes for all of us in the localization industry.


As if it weren’t daunting enough to navigate the dozens of translation management system (TMS) solutions on the market, how do you get stakeholders to identify what’s most important from among their myriad functions and features?


Smart Devices and Voice Search: What You Need to Know

We all prefer the easiest, most straightforward way to get the information we need. For an increasing number of people, that means getting help by talking into a phone or smart speaker rather than sitting down to type. In fact, 25% of people in the US, UK and Canada believe voice search will become the new standard in the next five years, thanks[…]


How Localization Supply Chain Models Must Change

Enterprises going global are upending the way localization supply chains are managed. To grow their business and support customers, they need localization to happen at higher speeds and larger volumes—and this will only intensify as the world demands more and more content in their native languages.


How to Understand and Embrace AI [Podcast]

A huge question on everyone’s minds regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) is “will it take my job?” In this special episode of Globally Speaking recorded live in Seattle, hosts Michael and Renato spoke with Tripp Parker, Technical Program Manager in Amazon’s Alexa Health and Wellness team, about this hot topic.


The Good and the Bad of Literal Translations

On a foggy March day, a KLM and a PanAm passenger jet were taxiing on the runway of Tenerife North Airport. A short while later, the KLM plane started to take off, accelerating down the runway unaware of the other plane, and collided into it, killing 583 people and causing the deadliest aviation incident in history.

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