When to Enter a New Market: The Calculus of Decision [Webinar]

The decision to enter any new market involves so many variables and considerations that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Nevertheless, marketing, finance, and localization professionals still need to make confident “go/no-go” decisions. The best way to achieve that is to arm themselves with data-driven insights on market entry timing, scope, costs, and risks for each language and locale.

To understand the key considerations driving these strategic choices, view the recording of our webinar When to Enter a New Market: The Calculus of Decision. Topics covered include:

  • Deciding to enter a new market – or not: 6 common reasons
  • Costs to consider when entering a new market
  • Levels of localization
  • Advice on real-world project costs
  • Financial modeling and metrics
  • Entering a new market: the pilot

Moravia's webinar series is jointly hosted by the magazine MultiLingual, the #1 source of information for the language industry.