Nothing spurs action faster than data. So how do you mine the mountains of localization program data for meaningful business insights?

For ideas on how to mine your data for business value, view the recording of our webinar Think Like an Analyst: How to Use Analytics in Localization. We have selected a series of real-life case studies to walk you through how you can use your localization data to approach actual problems utilizing several different tools and strategies. We look at how to:

  • Understand the total cost per weighted word and how this changes over time
  • Conduct an in-depth ROI analysis on localization
  • Analyze language quality data to find where problems may be coming from
  • Use analytics to evaluate your vendor management model
  • Aggregate data to show the likelihood of large projects succeeding

MultiLingual MagazineOur webinar series is jointly hosted by the magazine MultiLingual, the #1 source of information for the language industry.

Download the slides and view the webinar recording now