Sooner or later, most organizations look to select and adopt a Translation Management System (TMS). If they have one in place already, they invariably should evaluate how theirs continues to meet their evolving needs. But sadly the process of TMS selection and evaluation is frequently flawed.

For actionable advice and our experience with where companies excel—or stumble—in their TMS evaluation, please download the slides and view the recording of our webinar Rethinking TMS Selection. Topics covered include:

  • Why and how to conduct an internal needs analysis when selecting a TMS
  • Who needs to be at the table and what skills are needed
  • How to nail down your few key must-haves
  • Top assessment criteria
  • Ideal sequence of events in any TMS evaluation

MultiLingual MagazineOur webinar series is jointly hosted by the magazine MultiLingual, the #1 source of information for the language industry.

Download the Slides and View the Webinar Recording