Localization Single Sourcing Explained [Webinar]

An increasing number of enterprises that adopt a single-source solution. Moving from a project-based model to a localization program based on strong SLAs and KPIs is a trend being embraced by companies as they become more mature.

View the recording of our webinar to understand this trend and how it compares with multi-vendor and in-house models. We provide Moravia’s experience with how various types of organizations successfully progress to single-sourced localization programs. Topics covered include:

  • How localization programs are set up
  • Typical progression of localization in growing organizations
  • Pros and cons of single-sourcing
  • Multi-vendor and in-house models
  • Advantages of scale
  • Critical success factors
  • Key KPIs and metrics
  • How to construct sound SLAs

Moravia's webinar series is jointly hosted by the magazine MultiLingual, the #1 source of information for the language industry.