In this LIVE Hangout, we talk about what you need to do so that your content survives the localization process and retains its digital juice.

All content is marketing. Every piece of content your business produces is crafted with the intention of selling, educating or increasing customer loyalty. How does this impact “traditional” localization? Marketing can be a threat or an opportunity for anyone involved in bringing content to multilingual markets.

Live Hangout Is Marketing Ruining Localization? Presenters

Can localization move at the speed of digital? Traditional localization processes were created a long time ago in a world that looked very different. They were based on print (remember that?), with linear steps and neat deliverable packages. Digital marketing spurs growth, even internationally, with a flood of new content.

Digital content has added layer upon layer of new complexity to the mix: scale, dynamism, diversity, nuance, and personalization. But perhaps the biggest change is the ability to measure performance. Can you identify which content is doing its job, and which isn’t, in all your markets?

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