How much do the differences between US and UK English justify localizing or customizing content, products and services for the UK market and its specifics?

When it comes to purchase decisions or using everyday products, people want to be served in their own language. In an age of hyper-personalized content and products customized to individual tastes and preferences, appropriate language isn’t simply preferred, it’s expected. Companies should not assume that what works in the United States will automatically resonate in the United Kingdom.

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Read this article to learn:

  • How to decide whether it makes sense to customize content for UK audiences
  • Key differences between US and UK English that need to be addressed
  • Examples of companies that get this US-to-UK culture transfer right
  • Types of content that can be adapted
  • Transcreation and marketing for the UK market
  • How to automate adaptation from US to UK English to drive down costs
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