How Localization Can Double Your Revenues [Webinar]

All the large global brands started small once upon a time in their home markets. But today, they’re earning half or more of their multi-billion-dollar revenues internationally.

If you’ve already expanded into new global markets, you might be encountering some common early-stage frustrations in global growth. Sales or satisfaction aren’t as high as expected, your site traffic bounce rates are too high, your translation review process is messy, or maybe you’ve noticed the same content keeps getting translated again and again.

So how do you double, triple or quadruple your revenues internationally? What best practices can you implement now? What costly missteps can you bypass on the road to globalization?

To get answers to these questions, complete the simple form above and view the recording of our webinar, How Localization Can Double Your Revenues. Topics include:

  • How to build a business case for localization
  • Gauging local demand and understanding locale specifics
  • How to get your international brand and content strategy right at the start
  • How to evaluate languages/markets and prioritize content for translation
  • Where to invest and how to build and grow your team
  • Translation technologies you need – and don’t need – early on
  • Key process considerations
  • Primary metrics to start tracking

The webinar was presented by Renato Beninatto, Moravia's Chief Marketing Officer.

Moravia's webinar series is jointly hosted by the magazine MultiLingual, the #1 source of information for the language industry.