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Top Localization Conferences to Attend in 2021

In any industry, conferences are educational and inspirational events to attend—not to mention lively and fun. They make it possible for practitioners and industry leaders from around the world to gather and help steer the industry for the coming year. It is particularly important that conferences in the translation and localization industry[…]


How Urban History is Influenced by Translation

Ponder this assertion: language is a foundational building block of cities. Language plays a large role in the evolution of cities and has done throughout history. While it may not seem as overt as architecture, immigration or cuisine in shaping a city’s specific characteristics, all of a city’s inhabitants use language, more than they[…]


What You Need to Know to Get Started with Terminology Management

Few things are more important when expanding into new territories than consistency and accuracy in your localized content. But how do you drive this? The key to consistent content is defining and managing your terminology before you start translating anything.


Top 5 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Global Businesses

No individual or organization can refute the importance of social media when it comes to increasing your brand awareness and conversions.


What You Need to Know About Selecting Glossary Terms

It’s simple: if a term has any level of ambiguity, it should be included in your corporate glossary or termbase. There, blog post done. Or not, since that very statement is itself shrouded in ambiguity. Terminology management is an important element of any content creation and localization workflow, so establishing a solid glossary of your[…]


An Expert Shares Key Insights on the Chinese Market

Over the past 40 years, China has grown faster than any country in the history of mankind. It continues to grow at a rate equal to or exceeding the rest of the world. This exponential growth has made global brands sit up and take notice. Yet despite the huge rewards that can come from expanding into China, getting a foothold can be difficult, in[…]


What You Need to Know About the Types of Interpretation

On the surface, interpretation seems pretty simple. You listen to someone speaking in one language and relay it to an audience in another language. Like for like, just in different languages. The interpreter is the conduit between the two. They are the one ultimately reflecting the message because interpreting isn’t an exact science; it’s open[…]


The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

In our industry-leading blog, we talk about everything to do with linguistics and language, taking your business global and the ins and outs of localization. Along with providing you with educational and informative materials, we get expert opinions from some of the best thought-leaders and industry veterans week after week.


How Apps Are Changing Dating Worldwide

There was a time when you found a partner by chance. Random events, workplaces, friends and unexpected encounters thrust people together and love took over. That takes time, and these days, we’re too busy for that. Also, we want chance taken out of the equation. Online dating seems like the solution: for over a decade it’s revolutionized[…]


The Top 8 Globally Speaking Radio Episodes of 2020

Globally Speaking Radio, sponsored by RWS Moravia, is the industry-leading podcast for localization professionals, hosted by localization professionals. In 2020, our podcast featured insightful and interesting conversations with industry leaders who shared their thoughts on many things related to being global.

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