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How Terminology Impacts SEO, MT and Social Media

Terminology is at the heart of any corporate communication strategy. Whether you’re communicating with your colleagues, business partners or customers, your terminology strategy is of paramount importance. It’s how you make sure all communications are clear and consistent and that people are using the same terms for the same concepts or products.[…]


How to Keep Your Brand Strong Across Markets

In the past two blog posts, we explored two ways that successful enterprises can take their brand global: screening creative talent and driving quality in transcreation projects. If both processes are done right, they will go a long way towards helping strengthen your brand’s voice, the subject of the third and final blog post in this series.


Improving Work and the World Through Employee Profiling

For many companies, employee-related costs are the single largest expense, accounting for more than 50 percent of some budgets. Common business challenges such as employee turnover and underperformance further increase costs and operational risks. For instance, organizations invest heavily in onboarding new employees—including training, production[…]


Anecdotes of a Localization Veteran

August 2020 marked my 30th year in the localization industry (despite numerous attempts to escape). To mark the milestone, I am happy to share some of the experiences that have made an impression on me over the years.


How to Drive Quality in Transcreation Projects

Many of us are familiar with the vital role that transcreation—the creative adaptation of marketing content for local markets—plays in helping a brand build a strong global presence. In fact, successful brands use transcreation to generate more than 50 percent of their revenue annually, with localization serving as the third leading method for[…]


A New Way to Localize Video Content

By 2022, an estimated 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be people viewing video content. It’s clear that any brand not producing video for their worldwide audiences is going to be left far behind.


Creating Content for Lower Literacy Markets

Brands spend a lot of time and effort strategizing about how they want to be perceived the world over, and spend a lot of time and money creating product support content so customers know how to get the most out of their products. But what if your target buyer can’t read? How do they come to know what a brand stands for or what a product will do[…]


The Latest on MT with Researcher Dimitar Shterionov

At RWS Moravia, we love keeping up with cutting-edge language research, especially with innovations related to machine translation. Maribel Rodríguez Molina, RWS Moravia Language Technology Development and Deployment Manager, sat down with Dimitar Shterionov, Assistant Professor at Tilburg University and former Assistant Professor at Dublin City[…]


Global, Regional, Local: Managing Coronavirus and…Translation Spend?

In the last few months in the UK, nationally collected statistics on coronavirus outbreaks have been made available locally. These data can identify recorded infections per street and even per apartment block in more densely populated areas. Track and Trace, which was previously handled nationally with mixed success, is now being partly devolved[…]


Ready for Digital Transformation? Only If Your Corporate Culture Is!

The online economy has made it more important than ever for organizations to leverage digital technologies to meet rapidly evolving needs and challenges. Yet the process of digital transformation is complex, and successful implementation requires an organization-wide commitment to change. There is perhaps no one that knows this better than Jim[…]

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