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Using Data to Make Localization Decisions

How much should you translate? For which locales should you adapt your content? Which languages should you prioritize? These localization decisions appear with increasing frequency on a marketing manager’s radar as a company goes global.


Six Localization Insights from Airbnb

The sharing economy—where individuals exchange, rent or share goods and services with their peers—has gone global. Airbnb, for example, operates in almost every country in the world. In this episode of Globally Speaking, we discussed the sharing economy with Dan Hill, Director of Product and Growth at Airbnb. Here are the main takeaways.


Why You Should Care About Multilingual User-Generated Content

Travel portal Expedia recently released a tool to help its clients make sense of User-Generated Content (UGC). After all, what’s a hotel manager to do when 80 hotel guests say the free breakfast is “fine,” nine say it’s “awful,” one says it’s “awesome,” and 14 say it’s “something else”? Expedia’s tool is sensible for sentiment analysis, but here’s[…]


10 Ways to Delight the Digital Traveler [Infographic]

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, shoppers must feel confident in the plans they book from afar: they won’t buy what they can’t fully envision, let alone find online. So how can travel and hospitality companies optimize the purchase journey for savvy online travel planners who bring diverse cultural expectations to the experience?


Cooking classes can help you learn a language?

A recent article in WorldCrunch offers the amusing and enjoyable idea that playing golf can improve your language skills. The gist is that if you play golf in Madrid, you are going to learn Castillian Spanish faster.

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