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Changing the Localization Game with TAUS

Today’s guest contributor is Toos Stoker, Digital Marketing Director for TAUS. As the TAUS Annual Conference and the TAUS QE Summit are fast approaching, she takes us on a journey from TAUS’ beginnings to their cutting edge Human Language Project, and encourages us all to participate in the shaping of the language industry.


Looking at Persado from the (Machine) Translation World

Persado made news recently when it received $30 million in funding for its artificial intelligence-driven copy writing software. Immediately, it set off animated discussions on whether this would mean the end of human content writing as we know it. Yet Persado is not a pioneer. Quill from Narrative Science has been churning out stories from data[…]


On last count, there were more than two dozen Translation Management Systems (TMS) of various sizes and shapes in the market. It does make your head spin. One thing’s for sure: your company’s choice of a TMS can no longer depend on someone’s whim, a Google search, or what a language services provider (LSP) is lobbying for.


Sad But True: Five Reasons Why Your Translation Memories Degrade

What’s not to love about translation memory (TM): cost savings, productivity increases, unified brand presence… Yet, our hero is not infallible. A TM’s value can and will degrade over time, irrespective of how well you may be maintaining it. This is not a doomsday scenario, though, and you are not required to go TM-free. In some cases, TM value[…]


#FAIL: How to Avoid Overbuying Localization Technology

Many well-funded companies succumb to the lure of soup-to-nuts localization technology solutions well before they have the market experience or personnel required to deploy the sophisticated features they’re buying. Localization technology is like any infrastructure investment: buying more than you need robs budget from the services required to[…]


Why You Might Need Help Selecting a TMS

Implementing a Translation Management System (TMS) is a crucial part of optimizing and scaling your globalization program to handle fast and imminent growth. Yet without deep, in-house TMS expertise, it’s hard to know where you stand. What are you missing out on that could centralize and streamline your localization program, saving you time, cost[…]


Are Localization Technology Investments Impeding Your Future Growth?

For the earliest stages of localization, most companies rely on email to manage stakeholders and vendors, and spreadsheets to manage glossaries and TMs. This ad hoc framework is ideal for cautious global explorers: it uses existing technology investments, it requires little to no special training, and it’s fairly manageable for a one-time project[…]


Will Machine Translation Be the Terminator of Human Translators?

Back in 1984, Arnold Schwarzenegger crouched naked and muscle-ripped next to a chain-link fence in the darkness of Los Angeles. He had just arrived, a machine sent back by other machines from a post-apocalyptic future to destroy the human resistance movement before it could ever begin.


The Right Way to Write for Google Translate

The free, online machine translation service that we know as Google Translate has been with us since 2007. Nevertheless, the tool is as subject now to misunderstanding by ill-informed users as it ever was, mainly because what we want it to do (just translate!) remains as complex a task for computers as it does for humans.


Will the EU's Translation Deal with Google Save Lives?

In 2004, three British cabinet members filed an official complaint with Pascal Lamy, the director general of the World Trade Organization who was then serving as the European Commissioner for Trade. According to the Guardian, the letter was the result of an increasingly heated and damning set of accusations regarding the European Union's[…]

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