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If you’re ever involved in your organization making technology choices around a critical business need, you may find yourself at a fork with several different paths. Do you buy software, build something yourself, hire someone else to build something custom for you or do a combination of all the above?


Interview with an Expert: How Do You Measure MT?

Evaluating the quality of machine translation is crucial to improving its output. But what are the best metrics of MT quality and what purposes do they serve?


A Buyer's Guide to Choosing a Future-proof TMS

For companies well on their way up the localization maturity ladder, it’s easy to justify investing in a translation management system (TMS) to streamline complex workflows. The hard part is navigating the vast array of TMS solutions available—an amount now nearing 100—and all their bells and whistles.


Standards: The Invisible Architecture of the Language Industry

Standards are an important part of most industries, but that’s an egregious understatement. Without standards, industries couldn’t reliably produce, procure, trade or even have a market to sell to. A better assertion would be that without standards, industries wouldn't be healthy, sustainable entities. And they might not exist at all.


Practical Uses for AI Beyond Machine Translation

How artificial intelligence is shaping the localization industry is a subject we approach from many different angles. Generally, though, we’ve found that those interested in AI tend to fall into three camps: those who are suspicious and fearful of it (Will AI replace humans?), those who directly develop the technology (How can we improve AI?) and[…]


Revving up the Right MT Engine for Your Program

In a recent blog post, we ran through what it takes to execute a machine translation program, from assessing what content works best for MT to deploying an MT engine. But choosing the right engine for your projects is a part of the process that merits more detailed discussions. Considering the many choices available on the market—dozens at last[…]


Our Six-Step Process on How to Deploy an MT Program

If you’ve been tuned in to localization technology for the past several decades, you’ve heard about the “revolution” in machine translation (MT). Some industry pundits will tell you that MT can translate anything—fast and for cheap. Others say jobs are in jeopardy because MT’s capabilities have reached parity with human translators.


As if it weren’t daunting enough to navigate the dozens of translation management system (TMS) solutions on the market, how do you get stakeholders to identify what’s most important from among their myriad functions and features?


How to Understand and Embrace AI [Podcast]

A huge question on everyone’s minds regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) is “will it take my job?” In this special episode of Globally Speaking recorded live in Seattle, hosts Michael and Renato spoke with Tripp Parker, Technical Program Manager in Amazon’s Alexa Health and Wellness team, about this hot topic.


Artificial Intelligence and Standardization: Notes from the Field

Since we published our blog post Why You Should Pay Attention to SC 42, the Global Standards Committee on Artificial Intelligence, the landscape has evolved. And because we believe that the initiative is important and relevant to the entire globalization ecosystem, we’d like to give you a brief update from “the field,” courtesy of standardization[…]

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