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How to Keep Up with Global Multimedia Trends

There have been critical changes in the way customers consume multimedia content in the past few years. To start, users are clamoring for a larger variety of multimedia content types, delivered more quickly and on the various devices they use.


Four Tips for Choosing and Optimizing Visuals in Your Global Content

Visual content is a critical way to reach your global users.


5 Ways to Evaluate Voice Talent for Multimedia and Video Localization

When you think about localizing multimedia content, what kind of voice do you want narrating the translated script? If you get stuck after “a nice one,” keep reading: you need this blog post. The voice behind your narration can be the most powerful link you have with your audience. Depending on the type of video content, the actor you choose may[…]


Automation – The Next Frontier in Multimedia Localization?

It is an established fact that when it comes to readiness for localization, most multimedia files produced today leave much to be desired for.

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