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When Less is More: 6 Reasons to Consolidate Localization Vendors

It always starts innocently enough: a product manager or a local distributor hires a local vendor to translate the user interface for one new market. Maybe another team repeats that process for the next new product or market. Maybe volumes start to exceed the first vendor’s bandwidth in each market and overflow vendors are engaged. Globalization[…]


3 Absolutes Driving Successful Translation & Localization Strategy

Is successful localization really just about how companies wrest more return out of their investment in the processes and tools of localization? Say what you will about translation management systems, file formatting standards, and quality assurance processes, I will continue to insist that global companies cannot win at internationalization[…]


How Do You Compare with Bentley Systems’ 40% Reduction in Localization Cost?

As an avid MultiLingual Computing subscriber, I read with great interest the recent issue (#118) and the interview with Bentley Systems director of release services John Papaioannou, conducted by Lori Thicke, cofounder and general manager of Lexcelera. The interview sheds light on Bentley’s application of lean localization approaches, and[…]


Does Organization Culture Matter When Choosing Translation Providers?

Is organization culture something that you are or something that you have? So, how does it matter when it comes to selecting your language service provider?

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