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Article 57, Pharmacovigilance for EU-registered Medicinal Products and Why It Matters

Once in a while, there is a small change which has a large impact. The new pharmacovigilance legislation from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), typically known as “the pharmaceutical package”, is one example. This new pharmacovigilance legislation now lays down provisions, in Article 57(2) of Regulation (EC) No 726/2004, for implementation of[…]


Translating Medical Information in Croatian – The Clock is Ticking

It’s been some time since the number of languages required by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for centralized marketing authorization in Europe settled at 24 – covering the EU official languages plus Icelandic and Norwegian. The set of official EU languages is now bound to grow as well as the number of languages in which medicinal product[…]


How can end users of localized content or applications motivate translators, or indeed anyone on the client or LSP side involved in the process of bringing translated products globally?


Our recent webinar on optimizing the process of language quality assurance (recording available) has generated far more questions than we were able to answer during the live session, or immediately afterwards. Paying back our debt, we’re publishing the remaining answers in this post.


How Do You Compare with Bentley Systems’ 40% Reduction in Localization Cost?

As an avid MultiLingual Computing subscriber, I read with great interest the recent issue (#118) and the interview with Bentley Systems director of release services John Papaioannou, conducted by Lori Thicke, cofounder and general manager of Lexcelera. The interview sheds light on Bentley’s application of lean localization approaches, and[…]


Automation – The Next Frontier in Multimedia Localization?

It is an established fact that when it comes to readiness for localization, most multimedia files produced today leave much to be desired for.


Does Organization Culture Matter When Choosing Translation Providers?

Is organization culture something that you are or something that you have? So, how does it matter when it comes to selecting your language service provider?

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