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Vijayalaxmi Hegde

Vijayalaxmi Hegde
My previous work in the language services industry was with a research firm, Common Sense Advisory, and a technology provider, Smartling. I now enjoy writing about various aspects of translation and how it aids and influences global marketing. My other interests are plain language, organic farming, and alternative education.
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Truly Global: The One Globalization Guidebook You Can’t Miss [Book Review]

Anna Schlegel is perhaps one of the most qualified people to write the book that she did: Truly Global (The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets). From her multicultural upbringing, to her extensive experience working in companies that excelled in taking their products global, to the fact that she led the[…]


What Global Can Learn from Local

There are the big name disruptors, and then there are those who disrupt them. This is what makes the world of business fascinating: that you can’t stop learning and that you will never know for sure what works where. Small, local businesses often find it difficult to compete with multinational companies, but sometimes they score, too. In this[…]


Chief Marketing Officers: Localization Is Your Friend

Irrespective of which industry you belong to, every company today is a publishing company. And, when you start going global, so must your content. This is where localization steps in, and this is why Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) need to understand localization.


Regular readers of our blog know that we like to do a recap now and then. But this time, we wanted to go deeper and dig up our best stuff for some mid-summer reading. The result? Our 15 most popular posts of all time, ranging from pure localization matters to global marketing to translation technology.


Your Phone Is Now a Refugee's Phone

Imagine not being able to use your smartphone all day, either because there’s no coverage or because the battery has run out. And this is not just one day, but for days or weeks on end. Now imagine you’re in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, fleeing Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan, headed to a temporary safe haven somewhere in Europe. This is how[…]


Social Media and Language: What They Do to Each Other

Recently, I read an article in which Alan Packer, director of engineering for Facebook’s language technology team, talked about the use of neural machine translation (MT) by his company. One of the things he said was that they needed to build their own MT engine and not use a third-party service because people spoke differently on Facebook. It got[…]


Language, Culture, and Translation: Six TED Talks to Inspire

TED started as a conference for Technology, Entertainment and Design in 1984 and is now very popular for their talks that cover a wide spectrum of topics. Who hasn’t been inspired by a TED talk? So we thought, what better way to spend a summer weekend than to dig into TED talks related to translation, language and culture?


Long-tail Localization for Africa: Challenging but Worth It

Translating for the African market can be overwhelming, not least because of the sheer number of languages. Usually companies start the first round of localization for Africa with high-demand languages such as French, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese, along with English, of course. However, huge swathes of the African linguistic landscape are still[…]


A Small Feature Roll Out, A Big Leap for Facebook's AI

Last week, Facebook rolled out a new feature for its users: they can now type a post in their language and choose to have it automatically translated into multiple languages. The multilingual composer, released for Facebook Pages earlier this year, is currently available only on the desktop site. Facebook has always used language as an instrument[…]


Why You Shouldn't Be Trying These Translation Hacks

There's nothing wrong with wanting to grow quickly or making the most of what you have. In fact, these are laudable qualities in a fledgling company. But I do wince a little every time I see free machine translation (MT) and some other shortcuts being listed as "translation hacks". These may serve a company in its initial content creation and[…]

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