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Vijayalaxmi Hegde

Vijayalaxmi Hegde
My previous work in the language services industry was with a research firm, Common Sense Advisory, and a technology provider, Smartling. I now enjoy writing about various aspects of translation and how it aids and influences global marketing. My other interests are plain language, organic farming, and alternative education.
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Five Key Takeaways from State of Inbound 2016 for International Marketers

The State of Inbound 2016 report from HubSpot was released last month. More than 4,500 respondents from 132 countries took the survey. What are these international marketers’ challenges and how do they propose to resolve them? We provide a few key points.


Six Localization FAQs for Global Inbound Marketers

International inbound marketing is dead without localization: that should be obvious enough. (If not, read our blog post on why translation is crucial to inbound marketing.) But what are some of the most important things that you, as an inbound marketer, need to know about translation and localization? Here’s a quick list.


Why You Should Be Measuring Localization Data

Localization data is at the very heart of making smoother entries into new markets, asking for a bigger budget, and raising company-wide awareness. If you’re a localization data junkie, you already know this. But if you aren’t yet measuring how much you translate, how you translate, the time it takes, and so on, this post arms you with four solid[…]


As I scrolled through the day’s news on my phone the other day, one story caught my eye. It was about yet another “instant translator”. I cringed as I clicked through to the story, expecting the worst. I wasn’t disappointed. There was much ooh-ing and aah-ing about the next big thing in human communication and yet at the core it was still good old[…]


Marketing to the US: The Land of Opportunity (and Savvy and Demanding Customers)

Most articles on global marketing talk about how to conquer Asia, Europe, etc. And why not? Those articles are written usually for American marketers trying to take their company overseas. But it’s not just the markets in Asia or Europe that are tough or exotic. And it’s not just American companies that want to expand internationally.


Our excellent linguists from Moravia Linguistic Services (MLS) help us translate into over 170 languages, opening many new markets for our clients. During conversations with them, we learn a lot about the wonderful world of languages. In this series, we discuss some interesting facts about individual languages and how you can avoid mistakes when[…]


Rakuten’s Global Mindset: Should You Also “Englishnize”?

It’s been six years since Rakuten “Englishnized”. This ambitious Japanese ecommerce company with stakes in businesses as diverse as Pinterest and Lyft, as well as other ecommerce firms, launched mandatory Englishnization in March 2010.


This is the first in our blog series of mini marketing guides for different countries. In this series, we’ll explore a variety of market conditions related to demographic profile, industries or companies that are doing well (or not), consumer preferences and how they affect localization, and more. Today, we’re looking at Vietnam.


Follow the Money: How Payment and Money Transfer Companies Globalize

Digital money can be local as well as international. Domestically, digital money or digital wallets are used to make payments at your local store, paying bills, or sending money to friends or family living in different parts of the same country. The latter crosses borders mainly for three reasons: remittances (money that immigrants send back home[…]


A couple of months ago, I wrote about how companies are ignoring translation in India and thereby not tapping a substantial potential of the market — a market that continues to be wooed by international market leaders as well as one in which domestic startups regularly attract investment from Silicon Valley. A reader then remarked that the[…]

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