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Vijayalaxmi Hegde

Vijayalaxmi Hegde
My previous work in the language services industry was with a research firm, Common Sense Advisory, and a technology provider, Smartling. I now enjoy writing about various aspects of translation and how it aids and influences global marketing. My other interests are plain language, organic farming, and alternative education.
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As with most success stories in fashion retail, brand perception is central to the rise, fall, and resurgence of Uniqlo — Japan’s answer to the world’s leading casual brands like Gap, and H&M.


#FAIL: How to Avoid Overbuying Localization Technology

Many well-funded companies succumb to the lure of soup-to-nuts localization technology solutions well before they have the market experience or personnel required to deploy the sophisticated features they’re buying. Localization technology is like any infrastructure investment: buying more than you need robs budget from the services required to[…]


Content is at the heart of inbound marketing — an increasingly prevalent methodology that empowers buyers with useful information to support every step of their journey as a buyer — and translated content is at the heart of globalization.  Yet many companies that have mastered inbound marketing in their home markets ignore the crucial role of[…]


Investing time, money, and energy in website translation isn’t enough to capture customers in new target markets, especially when you fail to give global visitors a clear path to the site in the languages they require.


Companies embarking on their journey to global markets sometimes complain that their website translation has failed. But you’ll never hear global veterans griping about translation — they certainly have pains, but rarely those concerning the efficacy of translation. Why is that?

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