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We are pleased to announce the new Partnership Program at RWS Moravia. Through this program we will develop an ecosystem of partnerships to reinforce and expand our expertise and capabilities in providing globalization solutions. Our goal is to become a more robust, forward-looking service provider capable of delivering any solution or technology[…]


Want the Latest Loc Buzz? Follow These 15 Twitter Accounts

The language industry is one that never stops evolving, but it might not be that obvious online. As you may have noticed, translation, localization and globalization are niche topics that don’t get much media coverage. But where the media falls short, the Twittersphere provides.


Emerging Markets: Learn from the Companies Getting It Right

Emerging markets give companies of all sizes unmatched opportunities to grow their revenue. These markets account for well over half of the world’s population and, by 2025, consumption of $30 trillion annually. What’s really exciting are the opportunities for companies to grow and serve new markets.


How Moravia Approaches Neural MT

Despite some early success and rapid advancements, Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is still in its early days when it comes to deployment in a localization program.


What Facebook Messenger Chat Translation Means for Global Brands

In May, Facebook announced plans to roll out chat translation in Messenger.


What Makes Moravia Different?

Our clients often call Moravia the “best-kept secret” in globalization. They are amazed that we are so good at what we do—collaborating with them to achieve and exceed their globalization goals—but they’re also stunned that not every global enterprise knows about us yet. While we may be a secret, it’s our unique differentiators that have helped us[…]


Aibiying and How Brands Reinvent Themselves for China

Airbnb just became more Chinese: it renamed itself to Aibiying and joined a long list of companies that have made a similar move in the past. Companies do this to try and become more authentically Chinese—and thereby win customers’ wallets.  It also becomes necessary because of the Chinese language, in which each character is a word. The[…]


10 Dimensions of Translation Provider Selection

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a global, non-profit trade association supporting the language services and technology industry. We often hear from professionals seeking advice on selecting a translation provider from among the many vendor companies in the global marketplace. Even companies with dedicated and experienced[…]


3 Key CCMS Shortcomings Related to Localization — And How to Combat Them

Last week we discussed the business needs that would drive a technical writing department towards implementing a Component Content Management System (CCMS): decrease time to market, maximize re-use, or single-source “chunks” of content into multiple outputs. While the process may initially be clear and effective for content creation, there are[…]


What's Behind the Rising Appeal of CCMS?

Old-fashioned content production workflows manually research and extract content from the output of one project - say, a chapter in a user manual paper - for reuse in a new form - perhaps a white paper, a blog post, a web page, or an FAQ document. From start to finish, it might take 6-12 months to craft original content and rehash it in all the[…]

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