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Roman Civin

Roman is a localization specialist with 20 years in the industry. He is passionate about the things that create adaptive and sustainable services fit for the 21st century. He likes to write about what drives quality and innovation in service environments and what is often hidden under layers of activity. He loves cycling, kayaking and DYI projects.

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Reducing Localization Costs with Economies of Flow

It's no surprise that most localization outsourcers pursue economies of scale to drive cash savings. One way is to give vendors more work and look for discounts, but long term, this can backfire when it has a negative impact on the quality of service they get.


Five Habits That Drive Continuous Improvement in Localization

You’re a localization program manager seeking constant improvement and innovation. You want to improve your program and strive to make changes that create the most impact, but that are also long-lasting. Not sure where to start? Use my framework below to refresh your approach, to rally a team around a cause, or to start your localization journey.[…]

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