More and more companies aim to tap the vast potential of the fast-growing markets in Africa and India. While localization is an integral part of any successful product strategy in these regions, many companies soon run into difficulties with a business-as-usual approach. For instance, they often get surprised by the complexity of addressing the diverse needs of the individual countries in Africa, and the many states and regions in India.

So what should you do?

Watch the recording of our Live Hangout and learn about the specifics of entering the markets in Africa and India with localized products and content.

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • How to understand customer needs and current language preferences in Africa and India
  • What languages should you localize your products and services into? For instance, do you need to translate into all 22 officially recognized languages in India?
  • Current trends, maturity, and specifics of each market
  • Things to avoid when entering these markets with localized content


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