The RWS Moravia Go Global Model

How the biggest brands conquer international markets

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Localization used to look like this...

  • Slow
  • Predictable
  • Analog
  • Linear
  • Single-channel

Then brands got smart.

They modernized their processes and kept pace with our rapidly-evolving, always-on, digital world.

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And Localization started to look like this...

  • Omnichannel
  • Agile
  • Real-time
  • Measurable
  • Multimedia
  • Digital

And that's great.

But here's the thing.

Modern localization processes aren’t necessarily strategic localization processes.

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And it's the strategic ones that lead to outcomes like:

Access to millions of potential customers thanks to more targeted content

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And it's the strategic, ones that lead to outcomes like:

Top-quality, lightning-fast, cost-effective market entry

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And it's the strategic, ones that lead to outcomes like:

Content and products that fit all your markets perfectly

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And it's the strategic, ones that lead to outcomes like:

Memorable, meaningful, rewarding, and profitable customer experiences

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A powerful
global brand.

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So how do you take a more strategic approach to localization?

You get holistic.

Enter the Go Global Model.

One that ensures you make a huge splash in all your markets, every time, without a hitch.

It works like this:

There are five phases.

You can focus on one, some, or all of them, in whichever order works best for your business.

The phases are...

Phase 1:

  • Gather critical intelligence on your target geographies
  • Choose the most promising markets and languages for your brand
  • Select and deploy the best technologies
  • Define what needs to be outsourced and what doesn’t
  • Lay the foundation for a holistic localization strategy
Explore our services in the Plan solution brief:

    Phase 2:

    • Define which content meets the needs of existing and potential customers
    • Build dynamic content that performs at scale at all stages of the buyer journey
    • Manage and maintain that content to keep pace with your audience
    Explore our services in the Create solution brief:

      Phase 3:

      • Translate content into over 250 languages
      • Globalize your website so it entices customers in all your target markets
      • Transcreate your marketing material so it packs the same punch everywhere
      • Set up a machine translation program to translate huge volumes quickly
      • Build language quality processes so your content is as precise as it can be
      Explore our services in the Localize solution brief:

        Phase 4:

        • Create immersive and meaningful experiences for all your customers
        • Make your content easy to find
        • Build a social media strategy and gain a global community of followers
        • Get deeper insights into your customer base
        • Scale your digital marketing strategy according to customer data
        Explore our services in the Engage solution brief:

          Phase 5:

          • Maximize your product and content performance in all your markets
          • Find (and fix) the factors affecting your conversion rates on a global scale
          • Listen to your followers to gauge how your product is perceived in the market
          • Test, test and test again to make sure your product functions as it should
          Explore our services in the Optimize solution brief:

            And that's it.

            Not sure which phases to start with?

            This self assessment will help you work it out:

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            Go Global Model you need to engage in?

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